Computer Science Outreach

I am involved into scientifc outreach activities where researchers organise events to explain their field to children aged from 5 to 95. During my time at INRIA Nancy, Marie Duflot-Kremer introduced me to computer science unplugged activites. The main principle of this approach is to use board games and toys to teach ideas of computer science.

A common assumption is that computer science is mostly about programming. But often, translating the solution into a program distracts from coming up with the idea in the first place. For this reason we are using tangible objects to demonstrate the concepts - actual computer science does not depend on computers in the end!

There is quite a number of games already out there. Two popular ones are:

The following pictures were taken at the Manchester Science Spectacular in 2018 where I had the pleasure of organising our own table with unplugged games:

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